Structural Survey

Often referred to as a general structural inspection report, structural surveys was the initial term used for a Building Survey and the two types of survey should not be confused.

A Structural Survey is similar to a First Look Survey except that the engineer or surveyor will inspect and report on the structural condition and adequacy of all the accessible load bearing elements of the property and not just a particular problem area.

The inspection will include the roof structure, chimneys, floors, walls, lintels and beams. It will also include the surrounding area and site in case there are any factors which could influence the performance of foundations such as drainage or trees.

The report will detail the structural condition and adequacy of all the load bearing elements inspected. It will identify any structural problems or concerns, any further investigations required and any remedial actions necessary to rectify the problem. Where repairs/remedial works or further investigations are recommended, the report will give an estimate of likely costs. We can also if necessary put you in touch with appropriately experienced Building Contractors.

In addition to the examples above, we consider ourselves adept at challenging projects, and would welcome new and innovative schemes for us to test our skills! Should any of our services be of interest, please contact us via any of the methods available on our Contact Us page.

Structural Survey Key Personnel

Tony Rose
Associate Building Surveyor

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Simon Howard
Senior Building Surveyor

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