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Canham Consulting legend Hutch, 65 and going strong!

02 March 2017By Peter French
John Hutchinson (everyone calls him Hutch) has been with CCL since 2002. Hutch works for so many Clients, has helped many people and designed some brilliant structures over the years. Whilst Hutch has reduced his hours, he still gets a thrill out of helping our Client’s and remains as active and busy as ever. Hutch’s reactive...

JLL Property Triathlon

13 July 2016By Peter FrenchUnder: Construction
Congratulations to everyone that took part in the 10th JLL Property Triathlon on Friday 1st July. Canham Consulting were this year represented by employees Simon Howard and Henry Woodley. With Henry Woodley achieving a top 10 finish in his category and Simon Howard completing his 750m swim, 21.2km bike and 5km run within the 90 Minute target he...

Technology & Building Surveying

19 August 2015By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Construction
Technology is in every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. The construction industry has embraced technology in many aspects of design and construction together with the operation and maintenance of buildings. One area which has greatly helped us in the surveying of existing buildings and interpreting their condition, is the use...

A Grand Design

28 October 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
Canham Consulting are very fortunate that we have been involved in many interesting and unique projects. Over the years the trends have changed, it wasn't that long ago when barn conversions and traditional forms of construction would be everyone's ideal project (and we still work on plenty of these today). However, we are seeing more...

Book the Builder Early

19 September 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Construction
We have I believe, all become very much aware that the housing market has seen a significant upturn in activity throughout this year. The increased activity has given confidence to the house builders and contractors to such an extent that they are all now actively building new properties. The Government figures published for England to the end...

How Important is Planned Maintenance

15 August 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Construction
We all know how important it is to carry out regular services of your family car. However, how many of us take the time to plan the maintenance of our house. Maintenance is routine work which is necessary to protect the fabric of a building and helps to prevent unnecessary and sometimes very expensive remedial work in the future. Maintenance...

Make that extension a good experience

11 July 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
Moving house is often triggered by a need or a wish for more space than your current home offers. Rather than moving, an alternative could be to alter or possibly extend your existing home. The scale of such works can, of course, vary immensely, but the principle for employing a competent building contractor and making the experience good, does...

Honingham's very own Grand Design!

20 June 2014By Peter FrenchUnder: Design
Canham Consulting are very pleased to be the chosen Structural Engineers for the recent prestigous dwelling proposed in Honingham, Norfolk. Springfield House is a timber framed dwelling built into the hill-side offering two levels of access.  The property is one proposed to be of the rare club meeting Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable...

The invasion of the Property snatchers

30 May 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
As structural engineers, we often get asked to comment on trees and roots and how they affect nearby properties, whether it be in clay soils or granular soils. However, what is less often discussed is the presence of invasive plants when looking at potential development plots or properties. You may be surprised to hear that there are legal...

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