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Embracing the challenges of Covid-19

29 April 2020By Rob PanterBlogUnder: Engineering , Construction
We have always believed that Canham Consulting is a diverse, adaptable and connected business - now these beliefs are being well and truly tested!

The current Covid-19 situation has presented us all with challenges we did not imagine we would ever need to face. In business, we develop ‘risk registers’, ‘robust procedures’, ‘disaster recovery plans’ and countless other processes and documents to prepare ourselves just in case something untoward happens.

Being prepared is undoubtedly important but we have found that the most important aspect of all is ‘attitude’. Our staff are demonstrating a spirit of togetherness which will be with us for years to come.

In the space of a few weeks, many Canham Consulting ‘offices’ have sprung up around the County in garages, kitchens, lofts and just about any room in the house. All of these ‘offices’ are connected by video conferencing and it’s a truism that somehow we all seem to be more connected now than ever before!

We are tracking enquiry and project data daily, looking carefully at all existing and future potential projects and identifying the resources to service those projects. Based on this assessment, and everyone’s individual role in the business, we have asked some staff to Furlough. Our approach has been to use Furlough Leave as a last resort.

We firmly believe it is our duty to use the Job Retention Scheme responsibly, and always try to engage positively with staff in an open way in order to demonstrate the business case and rationale underlying our decisions.

Open and regular communication with everyone throughout this period has been very important. We are holding video conference staff ‘bulletin’ briefing meetings on Monday and Friday mornings, with a series of team meetings throughout the week.

Additionally, we are running several staff events, such as ‘virtual drinks’ every Friday, and quiz nights. All this activity provides an opportunity to bring staff closer together, extends support to others who may need it and brings a smile in what is a challenging time for everyone.

Our day to day objectives, which we discuss throughout the business regularly, focus on client communication, responsiveness, and accurate tracking of all potential and actual project activity. We believe now, more than ever, that business analytics will provide essential information to enable us to understand how we are performing, help us to react to external influences, and assist us as we strive for continuous improvement.

Covid-19 has created a set of challenges which are completely unprecedented, and which will shape the way we all live for generations to come. Our approach to travel, communication and home working has been positively influenced in many ways and will help us all to make improvements, as and when restrictions are lifted.

We will continue to learn and evolve as a business and continue to be incredibly grateful to all those organisations and individuals who put themselves at risk and who directly provide services to protect, care and resource the public.


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