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There is more to Canham Consulting than Engineering and Surveying

28 August 2019By Laura McAreeBlogUnder: Engineering , Construction, Careers
There can be the perception that the construction industry is just full of Engineers, Builders or Architects, to name a few. Supporting these roles, is a team of non-technical staff who help to deliver and provide support throughout the project. At Canham Consulting, our Pre-Contract Team of Administrators, Project Coordinators and Business Coordinators help to keep the business running day to day and work collaboratively with our technical staff.

I work alongside many talented colleagues, who are all in the same position as me. We are all skilled at what we do but we are not from a technical design background. It often means we ask questions which may seem obvious to an Engineer or a Building Surveyor. It is a challenge, but it makes the job interesting and by asking these questions, we are always broadening our knowledge which helps deliver better results.

I have learnt a great deal about Engineering and Building Surveying since joining Canham Consulting. Thanks to my knowledgeable colleagues who have dedicated their time to help me develop, I now know what a Traffic Assessment is, the importance of BIM and the difference between the different types of Building Surveys.

It’s not just technical colleagues who have helped with my understanding of the industry. Canham Consulting invest in all staff and provide many opportunities to learn new skills and attend training courses. Professional Development is so important to help us grow and understand our roles and the industry in which we work. It’s brilliant that a company is willing to dedicate time and money to this.

Although we are not Engineers or Building Surveyors, the Pre-Contract Team play a significant role in delivering the final project to our clients. It’s so rewarding to be involved in the project journey and to see a project become reality.

If you are seeking a new career and working within the construction industry is something which interests you, it’s worth remembering that the industry requires many different skills to deliver a successful project. There are plenty of career opportunities out there and with the right support and training you can thrive in the industry. 

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