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Why BIM is so important to your project

20 February 2020By Tom MortonBlogUnder: Engineering , Construction, BIM
The construction industry is always evolving and adapting to the ever-changing techniques and methods to enable it to be more innovative, efficient and safe.
We work in one of, if not the most, inefficient and dangerous industries on the planet today, so it is essential that we have the right skills, training and technology to deliver our projects. By using innovative, industry leading processes such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), we ensure our projects are delivered to the highest standards.
The team at Canham Consulting are committed to the implementation of BIM. We will always deliver innovative designs, research new principles and enforce established best practice to achieve a truly collaborative working environment.
The BIM process is applicable throughout the entire project lifecycle. As consultants, we are often asked: "How do we complete our project to BIM level 2?". The simple answer is to appoint a consultant who specialises in BIM and ensure that you have received the appropriate training.
Each of our projects are completed, so they are BIM compliant. We will allocate a designated BIM Lead to maintain our Common Data Environment (CDE), thus ensuring that all our BIM Authors are working collaboratively. A Project Information Manager (PIM) is also appointed to administer all project documentation within a designated CDE.
Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the theory behind the concept has been existent within the industry since the 1980's on large schemes such as airports and Defence Infrastructure Organisations. It was not until the early 2000's that the acronym 'BIM' became more widely used within the industry, relating to asset lifecycle management 'from the cradle to the grave.'
The theory behind BIM is that there is consistency between all disciplines involved on a project, irrelevant of scale and scope. The process encourages interoperability between all parties and thus increases efficiencies without sacrificing quality.
All information, be it graphical or non-graphical, is formatted and presented in such a way that is easily understood and manipulated throughout the entire project lifecycle.
Canham Consulting is endlessly evolving and changing the way we work to ensure our projects are as efficient and as safe as possible. Using BIM throughout our projects helps us to deliver just that. BIM may seem complicated, but hopefully, these points will enhance your knowledge of BIM and its importance within the construction process.

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